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Support for Your Software Applications

Software Support

So, you have a software application, mobile app, web portal, database or a much more complex solution built for you and you now need to ensure it is always running, optimised and keeps up with changing needs.

Proactive maintenance now saves you building up backlog of problems that could throttle your growth or adversely affect operations.

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Software Support

The Right Level of Support

We have many options for covering your software solutions and applications. It maybe that you need a fixed amount of development time, reactive support through to a complete proactive support and change management package.

You may need cover your software applications or solutions with service level agreements (SLA’s) that provide protection and set response times from our Software Support Engineers and Developers.

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Insights and Alerts

Just how healthy is your software application or solution ? Monitoring and providing visual indicators along with event notifications are vital to keep your operations running smoothly.

Could we really get by without the dashboard in our cars ? In the short term possibly but
there are many indicators that will be vitally important to monitor to avoid disruption and manage scale.

Robustness and Recovery.

Can your applications scale and is there a tested backup plan you can rely on ?

There are many platform options that can avoid the need to resort to recovery from backups these days and as part of our support we will explore these options with you.
We can work with you on plans and processes to gain confidence in tested responses to issues that may arise, minimising downtime.

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Client Comments
"I want to say how much I appreciated the prompt remote and on-site assistance I got from the Support Team. The team did not give up until my problems were solved"
Suzanne Regan

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